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monday 15th june 2020

Good morning and happy Monday!!!Hope everyone is well and staying safe. This week you are able to collect your school from the teachers!!!! How exciting. This week there are some more activities about summer and more sounds work. Have a great week, and speak soon xxx


Hello everyone!! Happy Monday and welcome June!!! Hope you have had a chance to visit your family and some friends. This week we are looking at bikes!!Do you have a bike? Maybe you could send me a photo. Have a good week.

monday 25th may 2020

Good morning everybody!!! Today is a special day!! Some of you may be able to visit some of your family who you haven´t seen for a long time. Have fun and remember to stay safe.

This week we have some more about transport and letter sounds.

Big kisses, Annexxx

monday 18th may 2020

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday! This week we have more sounds activities and some new things about ways to travel and transport. I hope you enjoy the activities and have a great week xxx


Hello everyone!! Hope you are all ok. This week we will discover how wheat flour is made to make bread. Also there are some fun letter sound songs and activities. Have a good week. Much love Anne.

monday 4th may 2020

Good Morning everybody!! Hope you had a lovely Mother´s day yesterday and were kind and had fun with your mum!! This week we are thinking a bit more about plants and flowers. There are some activities to print and some to do online. Have fun and see you next Monday xx

Dance along and feel HAPPY

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you are all well. This week we are looking at clothes. The weather has been hot and we have been wearing our shorts!!! I hope you have fun with the activities this week. Big kisses xxxxx

monday 8th june 2020

monday 27th APRIL 2020

Hi everybody, hope everyone is well and feeling positive. Some of you may have been out yesterday on your bike or scooter, I hope you had fun. This week the activities can be done online, so no need to print anything off. Speak soon, xxx


Good Morning everyone!!! Happy Monday. Sending you all lots of love and kisses and hoping everybody is safe and healthy. Our new topic is all about Water. I have added some activities and songs about how water keeps us clean and healthy. I hope you enjoy them!!! xxxx

Listen to the story, What types of water does raindrop see on his journey??

monday 13th april 2020

Hello everybody!!Hoping you are all well. Did you eat too much chocolate?? I have added some things about the farm if you have some time. Or just enjoy listening to the songs and stories. Big kisses to you all xxxxx


Good Morning! Wishing everybody a Happy Easter and hoping everyone is ok. I hope you enjoy the Easter activities. Stay safe, big hugs and kisses

monday 30th march 2020

Hi everybody!!!! Hope you are all well.

Thanks for some of the pictures you have sent.

You can see them in the Kids´Gallery.

Keep sending them!!

Teacher Miriam has a web page too with some nice activities

Join in with the Wake Up song!!

THURSDAY 26TH march 2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all feeling happy.

smiling boy.jpg

Have fun with Starfall!!!!

Have you MADE a rainbow?
pe with joe.png

Did you start your day exercising with Joe???? 1 class in English everyday at 10.00!!!!)

(busca en YouTube .. P.E with Joe)

Remember to stay safe and   WASH YOUR HANDS!!

Listen to a rainbow story
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