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1. My Niece Alice




2. My Dad

My Nephew Reggie

My daughter Ella

3. My Mum

4. My Sister - In - Law Lizzie

5. My Brother William

6. My brother Greg

Quiz!!!! What are their favourite foods??

Answers on Monday!!!

7. My Sister-In-Law Saouri

Quiz answers!!

1. Cheese on toast, lemon, blackberries and strawberries

2. Everything!

3. Seabass

4. Roast dinner

5. Marmite on toast (a special vegetable  spread that is delicious!!!)

6. Macaroni cheese

7. Yoghurt

8. Cheese

9. Potato cakes

8. My sister Lizzie

9. My daughter Aisha

Reggie and his pirate ship!!

Eliza my niece and Jack my nephew

Jo my Sister in Law

Alex my big brother

Jack making porridge!!!

My town is called Leighton Buzzard.

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