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welcome to year 2!!

Hi girls, boys, and families!!So lovely to be back at school. Hope everyone had a great summer.

These are 2 of the new songs that we are looking at.


practise asking and answering questions!!

practise reading and writing sh words

To help you say your birthday in English

Practise these sound blends

happy friday

sing along with The Little Red Hen!!!

practise the song

december 9-10

christmas fun!!

sing along

winter fun!!!

january 10-14

listen to the song
Now try the kareoke
Practise vocab for winter clothes
Use the words to write sentences
Find the correct word and match. Read the sentence.
Listen to the story. Can you read some words? Draw a picture and write a sentence.

January 17th-21st

more tricky words!!

Practise saying and writing the tricky words.

Watch the video about the arctic. Write a list of the animals that live there. Draw pictures.

january 24th-28th

january 31st-4th february

Let´s celebrate Peace Day!!!

Listen to the book about peace. Practise reading. Write some sentences and draw pictures. You could even make a book!!!
have fun dancing and sing along!!

Make a dove of peace

Who was Martin Luther King Jr????

february 7th-11th

Let´s practise the verb "To Be"

Remember penguins don´t live in the Arctic!!!!!

february 21th-25th

march 7th-21st day.png
What super powers does your mum have?!!!
women eys power.png

march 21st-April 4th

Use the words to write sentences. wordmat.png

april 4th-april 18th

Listen to the story
screenshot-www.twinkl. egg word search.png nests.png

april 26th-may 9th

16th may-30th may IGH WORDS.png ee igh.png

30th may -13th june oa.png oa.png

13th june-24th june

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